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Peak Performance Cognitive Assessment

Take the Test to Elevate Your Mental and Physical Game!

SPARKD is thrilled to offer the validated Creyos Health cognitive test as part of our offering –

A cutting-edge tool designed to assess your cognitive functions and identify the areas to improve

Want to try it first?

Jump into a sample assessment and get a re discuss your results with our expert trainers.

Let’s unlock your full potential together!

Boost Your Training with Brain Power!

This test is suitable for every high-performing individual looking to improve their brain functions, along with their physical fitness.


Unlock your full potential by getting a snapshot of your current cognitive capacities & learn what you can do to improve.

Understand Your Brain for Better Performance

Get a holistic view of your brain’s health, and learn how each skill has a direct impact on your daily life.

Track Your Progress

Regular reassessments allow you to see tangible improvements in your cognition, paralleling your physical training gains.

SPARKD is here to push your limits both mentally and physically.

Optimize Your Routine

Our assessment informs your training strategy, ensuring you’re not just getting physically stronger but also sharpening your mental edge for everyday challenges.

What is the Creyos Health Cognitive Test?

This clinically approved test is an innovative ways way to gauge and enhance your cognitive skills like memory, attention, reasoning, and verbal abilities—key components for excelling in physical activities and daily life. Engage in fun, interactive tasks on a tablet, desktop, or laptop, each taking no more than 3 minutes.

Post-assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive report spotlighting your cognitive strengths and areas for improvement. Then, the SPARKD team will discuss with you a training plan to address the areas of improvement. Let’s unlock your full potential together!

How to read & use the results?

Once you are done taking the test, you will receive a detailed report via email.

From there, our expert coaches will be able to recommend exercises you can do, at home or with us at the gym, to improve in these areas.

We can tailor Personal Training sessions just for you, or help you choose the most relevant group classes.