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General Questions

SPARKD is the first and only gym in Singapore offering a comprehensive training regimen that combines traditional fitness with cognitive skill training.
You can expect to work on your full-body fitness, while improving your brain performance through dual-task exercises, focusing on balance, memory, attention, processing speed & visuospatial abilities. 


We cater to the needs of specific training groups – athletes & high-performers, seniors, corporate teams… but our core training program is designed to benefit everyone seeking to enhance their physical and cognitive health. Our classes are accessible and beneficial for people from all walks of life, regardless of their fitness level or experience.

Our group class schedule is available here.  

Private sessions can be scheduled at any time with advance notice. 

No, all levels are welcome – we train beginners and athletes alike. 

If you would like to get a comprehensive overview of your current cognitive capabilities, we offer the clinically approved Creyos test, which can be taken in the comfort of your home. 

Membership and Pricing

To witness fast improvement in your physical and cognitive fitness, we recommend coming at least 3 times a week. We offer unlimited monthly memberships, allowing you to visit as many times as you want, and practice all disciplines throughout the week. (more info about our classes here)


If you’re planning to go on vacation or have a business trip coming up, you have the option to pause your membership. This option has a nominal fee of SGD 30 per month.

We regularly run promotions for newcomers – check out the latest pricing options on the app. 


At SPARKD, we believe in the power of teamwork to make our fitness journey even more exciting! We’re proud to offer tailored experiences for corporate groups, providing both group class packages and personalised training programs designed to fit your team’s unique needs.

Reach out to us via this page to learn more. 

Membership and Pricing

Our 1,000sqf studio is equipped with a range of physical gear and cutting-edge cognitive technologies used by top athletes and F1 drivers worldwide. 

Our facility includes separate male and female showers on a different floor. We provide basic toiletries and small towels, but you’re welcome to bring a larger towel if you prefer. 

The studio has a water dispenser with reusable cups, but we encourage you to bring your own bottle to refill for environmental reasons.

Our classes and Brain-Body Personal Training sessions are led by fully certified trainers who have received extra training in our unique SPARKD method. This method covers brain fitness and detailed training on our technologies and teaching techniques.

Learn more about our Personal Training Services here.

Programs and Activities

Our workouts feature dual-task exercises that merge traditional fitness movements with cognitive training elements. These exercises aim to improve your balance, memory, processing speed, attention, and more. For example, consider our Board plank exercise. It’s not just a regular plank; it’s a dynamic exercise that strengthens your core and challenges your neuro-muscular system more intensely. The board moves unpredictably in all directions, adding sudden changes requiring you to constantly adjust and stabilise. 

This not only gives your muscles a more intense workout but also boosts your balance, stability, coordination, and proprioception.

We provide Private Brain Body Personal Training sessions tailored for individuals focusing on longevity or managing specific conditions such as MCI (mild cognitive impairments), early stages of dementia, Parkinson’s, vestibular issues, MS (multiple sclerosis), as well as recovery from stroke and cancer.


Yes! We organise monthly challenges across all members. Enquire at the reception to learn about the ongoing challenge and take part. Every month, the person whose name is at the top of the leaderboard wins a special prize!

Each personal training client undergoes an extensive assessment of their physical and cognitive abilities, along with an interview to identify their goals and limitations.
From there, our expert coaches create a custom-made program, combining gym sessions with exercises to do at home. Each program is specifically tailored to the individual, and we use clinically approved methods to assess, motivate, and track progress.