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Who is Sparkd for?

Sparkd is for anyone that has a brain and body and wants to maintain or improve their capabilities. Sparkd is great for children, for busy mums, for recreational athletes, for working people, executives, corporates, pilots, special forces, really anyone.

What will I improve with this type of training?

By training at Sparkd you will feel energised both in your body and brain. Training at Sparkd will allow you to stimulate many parts of your brain in charge of processing speed, executive function, memory and visuospatial demands.

What will I do in a group class?

Intro to brain health fitness training, cognitive motor training and dual tasking. Mix of various types of training.

What will I do in a private sessions?

Brain Health assessment and access to more technologies that can track your progress and customised training that will allow you to work on your strengths and weaknesses.

What do I bring and wear to a class?

Come as you would going to a gym and get ready for a brain and body sweat. The class will be fun and gamified.