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Unlock the Potential of Brain-Body Fitness for Your Patients 

Partner with SPARKD for evidence-based recovery & longevity programs 

Become a SPARKD Partner today

Why Partner with SPARKD?

In an era where health and wellness are paramount, SPARKD stands at the forefront of integrated health solutions. We offer a unique synergy of physical fitness and cognitive stimulation, designed to promote recovery, enhance mental acuity, and support longevity. 

By partnering with us, you gain the opportunity to:

Extend Your Care Beyond Traditional Methods: Integrate our customised brain-body fitness programs into your patient care plans, offering a holistic path to recovery and well-being.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes: Witness tangible improvements in your patients’ physical and cognitive health, leading to higher satisfaction and better overall outcomes.

Access to Innovative Health Solutions: Stay ahead with cutting-edge fitness and cognitive training techniques backed by the latest research.


Customised Programs And Technological Equipment: Tailored for Recovery & Longevity

Our programs & flagship technology are the heart of our partnership promise. Designed with input from healthcare professionals and fitness experts, they cater to a wide range of needs:

Post-Rehabilitation Fitness: Tailored programs that safely bridge the gap between clinical rehab and full physical activity.

Cognitive Health and Prevention: Activities designed to stimulate cognitive function, reducing the risk of cognitive decline and supporting mental health.

Longevity and Wellness: Programs focused on promoting vitality, preventing disease, and enhancing the quality of life for patients at any age.

Our approach is rigorously science-driven, utilising evidence-based practices to ensure the effectiveness of every program.

How Our Partnership Works

We provide a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the unique needs of various health and wellness partners, including but not limited to medical professionals, practitioners specializing in longevity, medical and healthcare institutions, hospitals, senior care residences, and rehabilitation centers, both within Singapore and internationally.

Our offerings include:

An individual engaging in a dynamic Brain Body Fitness session at Sparkd Fitness, demonstrating focused and energetic training for holistic well-being.

Customized fitness programs and exercises specifically tailored to the health requirements of your clientele.

The SPARKD BOX, an innovative solution that includes both equipment and training materials, designed to enhance your establishment’s training facilities.

Advanced Online Testing and training platforms offer clinically approved digital tools for assessing and improving patient health and cognitive fitness remotely.

Ready to Make a Difference in Your Patients' Lives?

Contact us to plan a customised solution for your facility to integrate into your existing offering.