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New Year, Better You: Why Brain-Body Training Should Top Your 2024 Resolutions!

As we kick off the new year, it’s interesting to note a global trend in New Year’s resolutions. Since the pandemic, a significant emphasis has been placed on health and fitness goals.
Worldwide, the most popular resolutions for last year included improving physical health (20%), exercising more (19%), and eating healthier (18%)​​. This aligns with the broader understanding that more people globally are recognizing the importance of maintaining both physical and mental health.

However, what often gets less attention in these resolutions is the aspect of brain body fitness. While many focus on physical exercises and diet, the health of our brains tends to be overlooked. 

This is particularly important given the increasing challenges of modern life, which often include high stress, multitasking, and constant digital distractions. Regular brain exercises can help improve memory, concentration, and overall mental acuity. They can also play a crucial role in staving off cognitive decline, especially as we age. However, recent studies show that combining physical and cognitive training has a higher impact on cognition and neuroplasticity. 

An individual engaging in a dynamic Brain Body Fitness session at Sparkd Fitness, demonstrating focused and energetic training for holistic well-being.

The Science Behind Brain-Body Training

Why Your Brain Needs a Workout Too

You might wonder, “Why should I train my brain at the gym?” Well, it turns out that mental fitness is as crucial as physical fitness. According to a study published in the Journal of Aging Research, cognitive exercises can significantly enhance memory and attention in adults. It’s not just about getting smarter; it’s about keeping your brain healthy and agile as you age.


The research from PubMed and the CDC supports the idea that regular exercise not only keeps your body fit but also has significant benefits for your brain health. Exercise can improve mental functions, slow down the ageing process of the brain, and reduce the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s. These benefits are linked to several factors influenced by exercise, such as better heart health, reduced inflammation, and stress relief, which are all important for maintaining a healthy brain, especially as we get older​.


The Benefits of Combined Training: Dual Task and Cognitive- Motor Training 


Imagine doing a squat while also engaging in a memory game. That’s what dual tasks are all about – combining physical and mental challenges, also called cognitive motor training. This approach ensures that you’re not just building muscles, but also enhancing cognitive function.


Research shows that dual-task training can lead to better balance, improved concentration, and increased brain plasticity – the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience.


At SPARKD, we developed an array of dual tasks, cognitive-motor training exercises, destined to help you do just that: train both your body and your brain at the same time, and getting significant results sessions after session. 


A cluster of people immersed in a lively Brain Body Fitness workout at Sparkd Fitness, exemplifying shared concentration and vitality for overall well-being.

Brain-Body Training for Different Age Groups and Abilities


Whether you’re in your twenties or seventies, brain body training is beneficial. Our programs are tailored to fit all ages and abilities, ensuring that everyone can participate and improve.


Performance Enhancement

These exercises enhance cognitive functions like concentration and reaction time, crucial for multitasking and quick thinking. They also improve coordination and strategic thinking, beneficial for athletes and those in physically demanding roles.


Health Maintenance


For those reaching their 50ies, brain-body training helps in maintaining cognitive health and emotional well-being, reducing stress and anxiety. It keeps the brain active and sharp, crucial for preventing cognitive decline.


Longevity and Aging Gracefully

As we start ageing physically and cognitively in our 30’s, such training is key for longevity and ageing gracefully. Regular brain-body training improves physical markers such as VO2 max, strength, mobility, balance and coordination, while maintaining and reducing the risk of age-related cognitive issues. 


Adaptability and Inclusivity

The adaptability of these exercises makes them suitable for various fitness and cognitive levels, ensuring everyone can participate and benefit, regardless of age or ability.

How to Incorporate Brain-Body Training into Your Routine


Incorporating brain-body exercises into your daily routine can be easy and fun. To start your training journey at SPARKD, whether online or at our gym, you should consider knowing what your baseline is by doing our physical and cognitive validated assessment. You can then follow your journey with us either via online digital programs or by coming to our gym for group classes or personal training sessions.
For a more traditional approach, engaging in puzzles, word games, or even learning a new language or instrument can significantly enhance your brain function. These activities can be easily integrated into your routine, providing a fun and effective way to keep your mind sharp.


Tracking Your Progress

Just like you track your physical fitness, keeping tabs on your mental progress is vital. Set small, achievable goals and celebrate your milestones, both big and small. This can be achieved through our regular testing. Testing can be done at regular intervals like every 6 months in between the brain-body exercise program. This way you can track where you started and how are you doing overtime so that your training can be adapted and modified along the way.



As we embark on this year’s self-improvement journey, let’s not forget the power of a well-trained brain and body. At SPARKD, we’re ready to guide you through this new approach to health and wellness. Remember, a fit body and a sharp mind are your best assets.


Curious to see how brain-body training can revolutionize your fitness routine? Book your first session with us today!