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Brain Health Trainer

Nicholas Chong

Nicholas Jacob is a certified Brain Health Trainer with 9 years in the fitness industry. He holds a Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia. He is also certified trainer with Sanctband Flossing Rehabilitation. 

Nicholas also holds the following achievements: 

NABBA Muscle War 2016 

Sports Model Champion, Manhunt Singapore 2014 

First Runner-up & Mr. Best Physique 

WBPF Singapore Classic 2014 Sports Model Physique Champion 

PA Canoe Championship 2013 (K4 – Gold) 

PA Canoe Championship 2011 (K4 – Gold)

Nicholas enjoys a good mix in his workout routine involving cardiovascular, resistance and functional training. He believes that having a good balance will not just lead you to the physique you desire but ultimately, to be able to perform. 

Nicholas sees brain fitness as a place where we create the ability to learn and adapt to the changing environment. To maintain a healthy and alert brain structure which would benefit us in our daily lives.

“Physical fitness is important. However, I am a stronger believer of training one’s mind/mentality. Thus, my training would always be a test to not only the physical aspects but also, the mind.

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