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Take your Brain-Body Fitness to the next level with our Personal training Programs

Embark on a bespoke fitness journey tailored to YOUR goals: Performance, Longevity, Health. Our expert coaches are dedicated to driving measurable improvements, every step of the way.


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Who we serve

Tailored for High Achievers: Our Personal Training Programs are specifically designed for professionals who thrive under pressure. At SPARKD, we recognize the challenges of demanding careers and the necessity for swift, effective decision-making. Our unique approach enhances both your mental acuity and physical fitness, empowering you to excel in your professional life and beyond.

Transformative Benefits:

Sharper Memory: Enhance your ability to manage complex tasks with improved memory.

Accelerated Cognitive Processing: Speed up how you process and respond to information, a key to strategic thinking.

Advanced Executive Function: Improve focus for superior problem-solving and decision-making.

Greater Physical Strength and Stamina: Build the endurance required for daily challenges and long-term health.

Optimised Cardiovascular Health: Boost heart health for lasting energy and overall well-being.


SPARKD is your all-in-one training solution, making additional gym memberships redundant. Our holistic methodology fuses physical training with cognitive exercises, all aimed at elevating your brain-body synergy.

How does it work?

Begin with a no-obligation consultation. Our coaches will evaluate your physical and cognitive fitness through various tests and discussions, aiming to understand your unique needs and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Comprehensive Evaluation: We conduct an in-depth assessment of your physical and cognitive abilities to tailor a program that addresses your specific needs.


Customised Training Plan: Receive a personalised program from our experts, targeting key aspects of your physical and cognitive fitness, with a focus on the areas YOU want to focus about. 


Physical Fitness Components:

Cardiovascular Training for heart and lung health.

Strength Training for muscle resilience.

Balance Exercises for stability.

Movement Drills for fluidity and grace.


Cognitive Fitness Focus:

Enhancing Cognitive Speed for quicker thinking and reactions.

Memory Improvement for better retention.

Executive Function Training for advanced planning and problem-solving.

Coordination Exercises for seamless mind-body integration.

Cognitive Test Assessments: Using clinically approved Cognitive Testing at the beginning and end of your program to monitor cognitive skill advancements, we will ensure your training is having a real impact.

Regular Coach Check-Ins: Stay motivated and on track with frequent check-ins. Your coach will review your progress, offer feedback, and adjust your program as needed, guaranteeing a personalised and effective journey towards enhanced brain-body fitness.

Online Training Program: Always on the move? Through our dedicated training app, our coaches will provide you with personalised sessions you can go through anywhere, anytime.

“Siva and the team at Sparkd ran a really well organised, highly engaging and interactive team bonding event for us that had just the right sprinkle of competitiveness. Everyone was able to get stuck in and ended up having brilliant time”

Dean Ward

VP and Head of Business Development of Exiger


  • 6 weeks Physical and Cognitive Training Program
  • 2 times a week on-site 
  • 2 Validated Cognitive tests: 1 at the beginning, 1 at the end to track results 
  • 2 months membership to our Cognitive Training Platform + 3D Glasses  
  • Customised online program that you can follow anytime, anywhere